Govt. Approved Recruiting No. 987/067/068

Terms And Conditions


Terms And Conditions

  1. The FIRST PARTY shall issue the Demand letter to the Success Nepal Manpower Agency mentioning the number of workers required and their categories, rate of salary and other services conditions of workers, along with Power of Attorney, Guarantee Letter, Manpower Requirements Agreements and Employment Contract(authorizing the Success Nepal Manpower Agency) to recruit and expatriate the workers from Nepal on behalf of the FIRST PARTY. Demand Letter and Power of Attorney should be arrested by the chairman of Commerce of employing country, Foreign Ministry and Nepal Embassy.
  2. Both parties herein shall obtain the approval of the respective government to import, recruit and supply the workers as per the rules and regulations of both countries in regard to the condition necessary to import and supply.
  3. The Success Nepal Manpower Agency shall be responsible for the short-listing of qualified candidates according to their trade qualifications and experience in conformity with the FIRST PARTY ‘S requirements. The Success Nepal Manpower Agency should notify the FIRST PARTY of such short listed qualified candidates who are ready to final interview and selection.
  4. The FIRST PARTY has the right to either send his representative or give the Success Nepal Manpower Agency  the right to select process and send such qualified workers at the Success Nepal Manpower Agency’ s full guarantee.
  5. The workers will be interviewed, tested and selected by representative of the employer or by Success Nepal Manpower Agency on his behalf. The FIRST PARTY agrees to advise to the Success Nepal Manpower Agency of its final list personnel selected through fax, email or letter and the desired mobilization date on the respective site.
  6. The Success Nepal Manpower Agency shall assist the workers in the workers in matters relating to Nepal immigration and government formation, medical tests and Visa stamping form the relevant embassy where required and all other relevant approvals.
  7. The Success Nepal Manpower Agency shall at his own expenses provide airport assistance to the departing selected workers and  inform the FIRST PARTY of their arrival detail by any means of communication (Fax, Email or Telephones) so as to receive them on arrival.
  8. The FIRST PARTY will be responsible for receiving the workers at the airports in part and as whole as per requirement of the client and validity of Visa of the concerned country.
  9. The earning of the worker per month and other service conditions shall be as per the attached demand letter and contract document against each category. The FIRST PARTY should clearly inform the Success Nepal Manpower Agency about the salary and any deduction as Tax etc being paid by the empower the Success Nepal Manpower Agency in turn should clearly inform the candidate accordingly.
  10. Within the three(3) months probation period from the commencement of employment, finds the selected workers to be unfit, unqualified to continue the employment, refuse to work, failed the medical tests upon arrival to Qatar or considered as a security threat, the EMPLOYER may replace  the worker. The replacement of the unqualified workers shall be done by the Success Nepal Manpower Agency at maximum of a months from the termination of the unqualified worker shall be done by the Success Nepal Manpower Agency
  11. Arrival of selected candidates will within One Months  upon issuing their visas. For any delay rather than this period, the visas will be cancelled and the Success Nepal Manpower Agency will shoulder all the government expenses for replacement.
  12. FIRST PARTY has to compensate the candidate on their own expenditure if the candidate will not get all facilities as per Employment Contract and the company will collapse before contract periods.
  13. The First party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost of transport of dead body to Nepal as per the labours law of country concerned.

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