Govt. Approved Recruiting No. 987/067/068

Ethical Recruitment


Ethical Recruitment

Fair & Ethical Recruitment journey of 14 years designated with principle guidelines and policies connecting for Labor, Ethics, Health & Safety and the highest degree of Management system and top management’s commitment to unlock the dream to be the pioneer recruitment organization for ethical hiring and yes a Strong Wish. The spirit and ideals Principles embody of professionalism has always leaded us to create a model organization underlying the compliance with COC of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Sedex and other International Standard Hiring Practices, Bilateral Agreement and statutory and regulatory compliance of destination country.

Nevertheless, operating in a responsible and ethical way is not only the norm, it’s the commitment toward our valued and esteemed customers, job seekers, clients and stakeholders emphasizing the very small touches to make it happen. We strongly undertake the issues related to; Human Trafficking, forced & bonded labor, empowering workers, protecting their rights with zero fee for employment, promoting fair business, enhancing global knowledge on national and international recruitment practices.

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